It appears Okwerdz may come out of retirement to battle Math Hoffa. The two spoke about this potential battle with HipHopDX, exclusively sharing that they may end up battling on King of the Dot this year. Lush One, host of KOTD’s Fresh Coast division, also discussed the likelihood of this happening at September’s “Battle of the Bay 6” event. 

During an interview at Rap Battle Network’s Barfest event with Math, Okwerdz walked by and was asked to join briefly. Okweezy was asked if he really planned on retiring and he confirmed. When Hoffa heard this, Math tried to convince him to continue battling. When it was mentioned that Hoffa should battle Okwerdz to keep him in the Battle Rap scene, Math was intrigued by the idea. 

“You really want to do it?” he turned and asked Okwerdz. 

“I don’t know man,” Okwerdz replied. “It used to be that battling Math Hoffa, there was a mystique to it. When everybody was scared that you were gonna punch them, that’s when I wanted to battle you. Everyone was scared to diss this guy. Now you’ll battle anybody and we don’t even know if we’re gonna get a second round or not.”  

Math later asked Okwerdz to “set it up,” saying he wouldn’t mind battling him later this month at KOTD’s “Takeover” card where Cortez will battle Dizaster. The battle may not happen that soon but it may still end up happening this year.

Lush One confirmed that the conversations were underway and that the battle may take place this September in California. 

“[Today] Hoffa came up to me and the first thing he said was, ‘Set it up, b! September, Battle of the Bay 6. Me versus Okwerdz.’ I was like, ‘Really? Really? You want to do that? Okay!’ So we’ll see. I love it.” 

Lush shared that another potential battle for that card would be Dizaster versus Aye Verb

Okwerdz added more about his potential battle with Math. 

“It’s something we’ve gotta talk about,” Okweezy noted. “If he’s real serious about it, doesn’t want to charge a million dollars or back out at the last minute like every other time, then maybe we can talk about it.” 

During an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, Okwerdz shed light on two battles with his comments. When speaking about not being sure if he’d “get a second round or not,” he was referencing Math’s battle versus Shotty Horroh. During his March 2013 battle for England’s Don’t Flop league, Hoffa announced that he “didn’t write a second round.” After a few bars, he cut himself off and said his round was over. This was one of many battles Hoffa has done this year. The battle with Shotty can be viewed below.

The other bout that Okwerdz referenced was Math’s bout against Dose, perhaps one of Battle Rap’s most infamous battles. When he said that rappers were scared to battle Hoffa because he was going to “punch them,” he was alluding to Math punching Dose in an early SMACK/URL: battle. The footage, which has gone viral since it was originally released, can be checked below. 

As mentioned, Okwerdz has told HipHopDX in the past that he was going to quit battling unless the right opportunity came up. His battling resume dates back years and some of his most notable performances can be seen below. 

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