Just days after Soulja Boy’s Bentley was impounded for what is believed to be his second Southern California hit-and-run accident in 12 months, another music star is in trouble for a similar offense. According to TMZ.com, singer Chris Brown is currently under investigation for an accident last week. The Sony Records multi-platinum singer reportedly refuses to provide his license after his Range Rover SUV collided with a Mercedes Benz. Additionally, TMZ has reports that Brown provided false insurance information.

The exchange was captured on video, exclusively at TMZ—apparently with Brown’s consent, though the exchange cannot be heard.

Following an accident, both parties are required to exchange insurance and identification, especially if a police officer is not present. Because Brown remains on probation for his February, 2009 assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna. If Brown is charged for any offense, he could face jail-time.



Brown and his label have yet to release a statement on the incident.

UPDATE:TMZ.com was reportedly contacted by sources close to Chris Brown. Including a photo of the Mercedes Benz bumper Brown allegedly hit, they argue that there was “no damage.” Additionally, the sources maintain that Brown contacted the other driver numerous times, and she has been unreachable. These sources maintain that no authorities have contacted the singer, as of a week later.

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