In September of last year, Atlanta, Georgia rapper Soulja Boy was accused of crashing his Bentley into another car. A subsequent lawsuit alleged that the longtime Interscope Records artist caused vehicle, medical and other financial damages, along with defamation.

Nine months later, Soulja Boy and his Bentley are in the headlines again. reports that Soulja Boy’s luxury coupe was photographed by police on January 9 in Los Angeles, California, causing a collision with a motorcyclist due to negligence on the car-driver’s part. At the time of the accident, the car fled the scene.

The reports add that the motorcyclist asked around the accident site days later. A valet staff member at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles reported that Soulja Boy, who owns a red Bentley, is a regular in the area. Contacting authorities, policed discovered that from photographs taken by hidden cameras in the area, the license plate belonged to the 2007 “Crank Dat” star.

After a search warrant was obtained and probable cause, Soulja’s car was impounded. There is no word yet of a trial. TMZ has additional information concerning the LAPD’s use of these hidden cameras.

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