Treach and Kay Gee of Naughty By Nature stopped by the Juan Epstein Show and talked about the history of their storied past.

During the interview, the two talk about how they signed with Sugar Hill Records. Originally under the moniker “New Style,” Naughty met Sugar Hill Gang, which eventually led to them signing with RCA/Sugar Hill and a failed deal with the record label.

“At the end of the day, we ended up getting gassed up and they signed us and nothing happened with New Style,” Kay Gee said.

They went on to explain that even though the Sugar Hill experience was not necessarily positive, it did allow them to transition from New Style to Naughty By Nature and adjust to something different.

“We went home, back to the block and just went to work again on Naughy By Nature, which eventually became Naughty By Nature,” Kay Gee explained. “That’s where Dave Bellochio came into play ’cause that was the only good thing that we did get out of the whole Sugar Hill experience.”

The group would later sign to Tommy Boy Records, which was interesting considering Tommy Boy originally turned down Naught’s demo.

“The first time they heard it they turned it down,” Kay Gee said. “I guess they they got a second chance at it and was like, ‘whoa, how did we pass on this, can we take this?’ and we ended back over to Tommy Boy.”

You can hear the full interview below (via Okayplayer):

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