During the recent Killaz Battle League event, Loaded Lux took a moment to respond to Hollow Da Don. During his verse, Lux made sure to mention Hollow by name and delivered his message, which could lead to a battle at this year’s Summer Madness 3 card. 

“Tell that boy Iron I’m the one he still don’t want to mettle with,” he began, first taking aim at Iron Solomon with a steel/metal line. “And tell that nigga Hollow come get his medicine.” 

The entire verse can be seen and heard below via VladTV

The line comes in response to Hollow’s words at last year’s battle between Conceited and Tsu Surf. During the introductions to that battle, Hollow took a shot at Lux. 

“Smack, tell Lux what’s up, man. It’s Hollow Da Boss now. It’s Hollow Da Boss. I don’t get that work, baby. I’m the boss,” he said, referencing Lux’s “Get That Work” slogan. 

Smack then asked the crowd if they wanted to see the match-up and was met with a positive reaction. “Yo Lux, we at you tomorrow, first thing,” he promised. 

Hollow’s original message can be viewed in the initial scenes below.

In his recent interview with HipHopDX, Loaded Lux talked about a potential match-up with Hollow and even said he was not surprised by the original call-out.

“I thought it was a good ploy,” he explained. “If I was in his shoes—in terms of taking on who’s hot in relevancy—I’d probably throw a shot at me too. You know what this thing about. I feel I’m the best, so in order for me to let you know that I know I’m the best, I’ve gotta take on the best or who you think the best is. So if the world or people speak of Loaded Lux as the top, I’d probably take a shot too. It ain’t nothin’ personal. It just comes with the territory. This is why we say, ‘Stay ready so you don’t gotta get ready.’ So yeah, I don’t make nothin’ of it. This is Battle Rap, and I could respect that. That ain’t about nothin’. It’ll shock me when you show up. That’s what I think.” 

No official word has been made on whether the battle will actually take place but it appears the two are likely to meet at this year’s Summer Madness 3. Last year’s Summer Madness 2 featured Loaded Lux versus Calicoe in a battle that many have called one of the best ever. That battle was quoted by the likes of Jay-Z, making it one of the more popular bouts to take place in SMACK/URL’s history. That battle can be viewed below. 

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