Long Island, New York emcee R.A. The Rugged Man has been a longtime boxing fan. Like his Legends Never Die collaborator and friend Vinnie Paz, R.A. has been a professional journalist on the sport, with bylines in VIBE, King, The Source and Rides featuring conversations with top fighters.

In a new interview with TheRing.TV, R.A. was candid about why emcees should avoid boxing, and more importantly, why boxers should avoid rapping. Calling the onetime rapping of former Heavyweight Champion Roy Jones, Jr., “terrible,” the rapper formerly known as Crustified Dibbs continued, “Boxers can’t rap like rappers can’t box. You put the toughest rapper in the ring with a professional boxer and they’re gonna get knocked out. Just like if you put a professional boxer in the studio, they’re not gonna be good compared to the professional rhymer.” There’s gotta be a boxer that can rap; I just haven’t seen him.”

Roy Jones, Jr’s 2002 album was his sole solo release. It featured Scarface and Mystikal. Jones would return for more work with his Body Head Bangerz crew, sharing their name with his label.

Other boxers who have attempted rapping include Floyd Mayweather. The Geto Boys’ Willie D also was a professional boxer in the late 1990s, with a reported 6-1 record.

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