Atlanta wordsmith Killer Mike released what was arguably one of his most well-liked projects to date with last year’s R.A.P. Music. The album even proved to be a runner-up for Album of the Year in last year’s HipHopDX Year End Awards and according to Killer Mike, it was through the help of the album’s producer, El-P that he was able to open up lyrically.

During his appearance on The Combat Jack Show, Killer Mike spoke on the negativity he faced from the Hip Hop community following his major label departure.

“I trust my producers, but I never just fully trusted one. And El really pushed me to personalize more,” Killer Mike revealed. “People have seen my ego and not like in a brash, harsh, shittin’ on people kind of way. But they’ve seen the ego cause when I left the major label I got shitted on. I got shitted on by my city, I got shitted on by Outkast fans. Not all, but a lot of people are just like, ‘Fuck you buddy, you’re done.’ So, I really had to put on a gruff exterior…In a way that it was impenetrable. And El really pushed on this one. Like, ‘Say some real shit. Give ‘em your fears. Your angst. Your everything.’”

El-P, who also appeared on The Combat Jack Show, commented on the decision to link up with Killer Mike and knowing immediately that the pair would go on to create “something special.”

“I gotta say man, in all honesty, I think that’s why we did it because in the first couple of days we knew we had something special,” said El-P in a video posted on “We knew this was gonna work and we also knew that it was gonna work to our advantage that no one thought it would work. So it was like, you know…We knew we had something, we did.”

Released last May, R.A.P. Music is fully-produced by El-P and features guest appearances from Bun B, T.I., and a handful of other artists.

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