Following Houston rapper Scarface’s controversial remarks on race and Hip Hop in a recent interview, Australian emcee Iggy Azalea has gone on to share her thoughts on the sensitive issue. Iggy was informed of Scarface’s comments on those involved in Hip Hop being White and Jewish during an interview with Hard Knock TV and was then asked to give her opinion on the matter.

The rapper shared that it doesn’t matter how many executives happen to be white men, at the end of the day Hip Hop culture is dictated by artists and their fans.

“I think you can have a million white men that are executives in a building, but that doesn’t make a culture a color. And that’s because they can sell you whatever they want, but unless you buy it it doesn’t mean anything,” Iggy explained. “So, I think sometimes people get caught up in this thing of ‘record labels dictate things and oh no, it’s white old guys that are putting this out.’ Well, it’s not old white men creating the content and it’s not old white men buying the content either. Yes, they’re the middleman putting this out, but it’s just a bank.”

Iggy even went on to applaud the diversity in Hip Hop and the ability the culture has to bring people from all races and walks of life together.

“I think what shapes the culture is who’s consuming it and that’s people of all different colors and that’s a great thing,” said the Aussie rapper. “I think this idea of ‘rap should be black’ or ‘rap should be this or that’ is worrying to me because it’s like—segregation. Why would you want to segregate cultures and races and things like this? Isn’t that where conflict has always come from in the world? Shit like that? If we have something in music that is unifying, that other cultures are drawn to…then it should be a positive thing.”

Although it’s set for release this year, Iggy Azalea’s debut album, The New Classic, has yet to receive a solid release date.

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