A picture posted on Reddit this week, which appears to show Danny Brown receiving oral sex from a fan during a Minneapolis performance, has quickly begun to make its way around the internet. While the Detroit lyricist has yet to comment on the incident, Kitty Pryde, the rapper’s best friend and fellow artist has shared her thoughts on the bizarre incident in a blog post on Vice.

Kitty, who’s currently on tour with Brown, revealed that the incident is rarely ever brought up and when it is it’s grudgingly referred to as “The Thing.” She also referred to the woman’s act as a “sexual assault” on the rapper.

“I will also say that whoever wrote on Reddit that Danny was ‘walking around the stage getting girls to grab his dick’ is 100% false, and to blame someone for their own molestation is a shitty thing to do,” Kitty explained. “Anybody who is exaggerating this tale to climax is also a lying fool, and to call it a blow job is even going a bit far because it was probably the fastest thing I’ve ever seen. ‘The Thing’ was not a thing that Danny facilitated—it was an actual sexual assault, and somehow nobody gives a fuck about that but me.”

The “Okay Cupid” rapper further commented on the incident being a sexual assault as she brought up the topic of why the female fan that allegedly performed oral sex on Brown hasn’t been contacted.

“Why doesn’t Ricky Smiley or whoever just talk to this girl,” she questioned. “I know why. It’s because everyone wants the option of blaming it on Danny, because people can’t accept the fact that a white girl raped a black dude in front of a bunch of people.”

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