Yesterday’s New Quintet caught a lot of praise for their debut “Angels Without Edges” for their genre-bending work. Now when I say “their” I use that term lightly as “they” is actually just Madlib playing all five instruments.

So shortly after Madlib made a promo album called “Stevie Vol.1,” it was a YNQ tribute to Stevie Wonder. Triple Five Soul ended up using the album as a promo and the 1500 copies that were made were snatched up in a heart beat. Rumors of the album fetching $200 on Ebay circulated and Madlib and Stonesthrow realized they should probably release this for real for real. It drops April 20th…




Superwoman/Where Were You Last Winter

Interlude One

Rocket Love

You’ve Got It Bad, Girl

Interlude Two

Send One Your Love

Too High

I Am Singing

Interlude Three

Golden Lady

That Girl (previously unreleased)