Andy Milonakis, Dirt Nasty and RiFF RaFF have gotten together to create Three Loco, a group that will release their Thee Loco EP later this month. 

Milonakis earned national notoriety by starring in MTV’s “The Andy Milonakis Show” in the mid-2000s. Dirt Nasty also earned some of his fame through his work in television and film. Nasty was once a VJ for MTV. He later acted in some of the Scary Movie parody films.

Both Milonakis and Nasty have also been releasing independent Hip Hop projects. Nasty has worked with LMFAO in the past. Milonakis has appeared in videos with various rappers on his YouTube channel, including V-Nasty and Dizaster. Milonakis has also been involved with promotion for Battle Rap leagues and events

RiFF RAFF, the third member of Three Loco, also got his start with fame through MTV. In 2009, RiFF appeared on the network’s “From G’s to Gents” reality program and later showed rhymes on tracks with the likes of Action Bronson. He’s also announced collaborations with Drake and A$AP Rocky. RAFF was recently in the headlines over what he feels is a depiction of his persona in the Spring Breakers film, which features James Franco.  

The trio released their “Neato” single and video in preparation for the album. The video can be seen below.

The tracklist for Three Loco EP, which will be out March 30 by way of Diplo’s Mad Decent label, can be found below.

1. Neato

2. Bills Are Paid

3. Bong Hits

4. Not Coming Home Tonight

5. Beer

6. Paranoid

7. We Are Llamas

8. Make Em Wait

The EP can also be streamed below, courtesy of Mad Decent

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