The worlds of chess, Hip Hop, and even martial arts will combine next month for a one-of-a-kind presentation that will be sponsored and coordinated by The World Chess Hall of Fame on May 8 in St. Louis.

Connoisseurs of each of the three art forms will be able to attend one of two presentations. The first will be held at the Innovative Concept Academy while the other will take place later that day at the Schlafly Branch of the St. Louis Public Library.

Each presentation will be moderated by journalist and Hip-Hop Chess Federation founder Adisa Banjoko and will feature Dr. James Peterson, Mike Relm, Asheru, and Alan “Gumby” Marques as panelists.

“These presentations will illustrate how chess and martial arts have been woven into the history of hip hop. Further, it will show how the blending of art, logic, and physical fitness guide young people to self-discovery, self-mastery, and nonviolence,” said Adisa Banjoko.

Chess players, Hip Hop fans, and educators who cannot attend the St. Louis event can watch a live online stream of the panel. Details for the stream will be made available on the Hip-Hop Chess Federation’s Facebook page. For more information on The World Chess Hall of Fame’s St. Louis presentations visit

Video of Banjoko’s recent presentation on chess, Hip Hop, and martial arts at Harvard University can be found below.

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