During a Red Bull Music Academy-sponsored impromptu performance yesterday, bandleader of The Roots ?uestlove was asked by Fuse about the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania group’s plans. The longtime band for “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” is in the middle of a move, where the “SNL” comedian-turned-host is assuming “The Tonight Show” spot long-occupied by Jay Leno in 2014.

“‘The Tonight Show’ is coming to us. We are not going to ‘The Tonight Show,'” said ?uestlove. The NBC weeknight program is moving from Los Angeles, California to New York City to build the show a new set, according to Yahoo News. ?uesto added, “Basically, you know, it’s going to be the same show.”

Although he spoke with confidence, ?uestlove did admit the possibility of a change of plans, whether by NBC, show producers or the veteran band. “That’s a year from now,” said the drummer, producer and deejay. “Anything can happen. So right now we’re just very concerned and kind of just concentrating on still doing our thing at ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.'” He presented some assurance in saying, “We’re honored to kind of receive the baton and pass down tradition…Yeah, we’re staying.”



The Roots are also presently recording their 13th studio album, with reported strong involvement from Dice Raw, P.O.R.N. and Truck North.

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