In recent years, Atlanta, Georgia rapper Rocko (a/k/a Rocko Da Don) signed Future to his A1 Recordings label. It was this label, along with Epic Records, that released the Dungeon Family affiliate’s Pluto and subsequent Pluto-3D in 2012. Speaking with DJ Scream and Cory B’s Hoodtime Radio yesterday (March 24), Rock revealed that the two ATL rappers have much more planned.

“Me and Future, we gonna do an album together. We’ll probably drop it at the end of the year, or the top of next year,” said Rocko, who released his Top 25 charting Self Made debut in 2008 on So So Def/Def Jam Records. Asked about whether the project would be retail or mixtape, Rocko replied, “As far as mixtapes, we really tryin’ to flip this thing and monetize all this music now. It’s like, we gave away all this free music, for all this time.” He added, “Support our campaign one time.”

In 2010, Rocko digitally released Wildlife. Future’s Pluto 3D remains on the Soundscan Top 200.

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