Recently, King of the Dot’s CEO Organik created a Top 25 KOTD Battles of All Time list. The list was created by him for fans to see the history of KOTD by witnessing what he considers the greatest battles to take place in his league. The list features some of the biggest names in Battle Rap, including Dizaster, DNA, Pat Stay and The Saurus. 

The top KOTD battle of all time, according to Organik, was one that featured two Canadian battlers, Hollohan and Pat Stay. The two friends squared off in what he considers the best match-up of all time under the KOTD banner. 

“Pat & Hollohan are lifelong best friends,” Organik told HipHopDX earlier this week. “They had always sworn they would never battle each other but then as time went along their names kept getting compared more and more. Animosity built between them and it came to the point where they started taking jabs at eachother during battles.”

Their friendship became a feud of sorts and it seemed they had no choice but to battle, something they never wanted to do in the past. 

“Not only that they were also highly rated as number one and number two in Canada at that point,” he continued. “It was a match-up nobody thought would ever happen due to their friendship. The tension that was in that venue is still unmatched to this day. It was like watching two best friends fight. Very suspenseful, lived beyond its expectations and was light years ahead of its time when it was released. It was a turning point for KOTD as a whole. That battle changed the game.” 

A list of the Top 10 KOTD Battles Of All Time, according to Organik, can be seen below. The full Top 25 list can viewed on KOTD’s official page. 

10. DNA vs Eurgh 

9. Arcane vs Bender 

8. Pat Stay vs Marvwon 

7. Hollohan vs Cortez 

6. ScottJackson/KRNFX vs Subconcious/KillaBeatz 

5. Osa vs 24/7 

4. Bender vs Illmaculate

3. Kid Twist vs Dumbfoundead

2. Dizaster vs DNA 

1. Pat Stay vs Hollohan 

King of the Dot just released its latest battle, a match between Shotty Horroh and Ness Lee. It can be seen below.

Photography of Organik courtesy of Tanya O

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