With Molly being the drug of choice trending these days, naturally it was a subject of discussion with Joe Budden, who recently spoke out against using the drug.

Budden admitted to Fox 5 last month that the drug had incredibly harmful effects, and that he barely survived binging on it one summer:

In an interview with ThisIs50.com, Budden was asked about why he quit the drug. “I don’t do drugs. Period,” said Budden, matter-of-factly.”

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Budden continued, questioning the perception of him as drug user. “That’s the part that throws me for a loop, the Hip Hop industry has never known me to be on drugs, ever. I had a drug-induced summer this past year and everybody’s like, ‘Oh word.’ I’ve been talking about this shit since 2002. It’s nothing new. Some people can function, I’m just dysfunctional and self-destructive, period. So I wouldn’t need anything to add to that.”

Watch the interview below:

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