DJ Khaled may have just released his sixth album Kiss the Ring, but he’s already on to the next one. During an interview with Karen Civil, the Miami, Florida music mogul discussed the sound of his upcoming LP Suffering From Success, stating that he’s already got “three of the biggest anthems this year.”

“What separates [Suffering From Success from previous albums] is that I made it to my seventh album,” he said. “After Kiss the Ring, I’m a winner. So I’ma continue winning, but when I was coming up, I didn’t know that when you win, you gotta deal with a lot of this unnecessary bullshit a lot. So my album sound is going to… You’re going to hear different types of anthems: the suffering side, and the success side.”

Khaled reportedly signed Vado to his We The Best Music imprint, but he skirted around the topic during the interview. He didn’t confirm bringing the Harlem, New York rapper to the label and instead said that the public should expect a “big announcement” soon.

“Definitely shout out Vado and definitely shout out Harlem. First of all, I love New York. It’s second home. I represent the music of Hip Hop, period,” he said. “I’ma be real with you. Right now, I’m bigging up Vado right now. I never said. You sayin’, I ain’t never said. But, expect a big announcement and something real exciting.”

In addition releasing his own album, Khaled reveals that he signed a book deal with Cash Money Content and plans to put out a clothing line called Always Be You.

“I did a book deal with Cash Money that I’m working on. And then I plan on putting out a lot of albums out this year. Not just Khaled. Ace, other artists. I plan to make the label real big, bigger than the way it is now. That’s my goal,” he said. “Might buys some restaurants, might own some hotels. I have my clothing line coming out called Always Be You. I got a lot of stuff I’m going to do.”

Khaled last released Kiss the Ring in August 2012. The LP, which spawned the single “Take It to the Head,” bowed at No. 4 on the charts with 40,000 copies sold.

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