It’s a bold statement when you declare your project “the album of the decade,” but that’s just what French Montana has done. According to French his debut album, which will be executive produced by both Rick Ross and Diddy, will be “the album of the decade.” In an interview with Rap-Up, French explained why he feels that way and shared more information about the project, Excuse My French.  

“I feel like it’s going to be a classic,” French said. “I feel like it’s going to be the best album to come out in a decade.”

When asked why, he said it will be the “album of the decade because it just is.”

“I’ve heard everybody’s album,” he continued, when pressed about it. “I’m a fan of everybody. I just don’t feel like nobody came out with an album like this.”

Montana also said he has M.I.A. on the album with a hook that she cleared. According to Montana, he is also waiting on the same from Lana Del Rey. The video to that interview can be seen at the end of the article. 

Late last year, Montana spoke with HipHopDX’s Editor-In-Chief, The Company Man, about Excuse My French. Then, Montana shared that he likes doing the unexpected.

“I just feel like when you come from where I come from you’re always gonna be the underdog,” he said. “I feel like nobody expects you to do what you’re gonna do. So, when we do it it’s like you smacked them in the face. Nobody expects me to have the best album to come out in a long time out of New York. Nobody expected nothing now that we’re doing.”

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