Even though he’s reportedly shopping a $75 million contract to the likes of Interscope and Roc Nation, it looks like T.I. isn’t looking for an immediate out with his current label, Atlantic Records.

According to an interview with The Urban Daily, Tip explained that he would love to continue his decade-long relationship with Atlantic. Still, the Grand Hustle impresario explained that he would need to see 110percent commitment from the label in the form of a contract before he makes any decision on the matter.

“I respect my present partners at Atlantic Records and had there ever been a separation between them and myself I would respect my new partners in such a way that I’m not gonna sensationalize anything,” he said. “They give me my fair market value for what it is I have to offer. And if you want to be in business with me let’s give each other 110%. But just going out and doing gossip type stories that ain’t a huge part of what I do.”

He added, “I’d love to stay where I am. It’d have to be shown that the feeling is mutual and the way you do that is on paper with commitment to dollars.”

As previously reported, T.I. recently completed his 10-year record contract with Atlantic. The Atlanta rapper will also grace the silver screen in the upcoming Jason Bateman comedy Identity Thief.

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