While speaking on his forthcoming album, Street King Immortal, Queens rapper 50 Cent revealed to Fuse TV that if an artist allows it their record can easily be taken over by a guest appearance from Eminem.

The Interscope artist shared that that’s pretty close to what happened while he was recording “My Life” featuring Eminem and Adam Levine. According to 50 Cent, he left the studio while Eminem was recording his verse and since he wasn’t present to stop the rapper at the 16-bar mark Em went on to record a solid 24 bars.

“It’s important cause it’ll turn into a complete Eminem record if you leave him. He’s gonna make it his regardless. This is how that verse got longer than usual on ‘My Life.’ See, I left the song and I didn’t stay there,” 50 Cent explained. “He would have remembered 16 as a mark to stop if I’d have been there, but because he was going off and into it he just kept going and made it to about 24 bars before he actually stopped rapping and it felt good so there was no reason to edit it.”

On top of “My Life,” Eminem will also appear on the Street King Immortal record “Champion,” which 50 Cent also spoke with Fuse TV about.

“We actually recorded it in Detroit. And it’s one of those songs that Em was set on this record,” said 50 Cent. “Cause he heard it and he was like, ‘This is for me and 50.’ And he wrote his verse on the actual record and I came in and he played it and I was like, ‘Okay, this is cool.’ Let me think of how, you know, I actually wanna approach the record. Then I go into the other studio to record it…and I had to hear it again. Because he made some mentions and I didn’t want to make the same mentions. Cause some of the people he has a lot of respect for [in] music culture were in that actual song and I didn’t want to repeat that.”

Although an official tracklist for Street King Immortal has yet to be revealed, 50 Cent has confirmed a handful of the project’s features. Confirmed guest appearances on the album thus far include Chris Brown, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Young Jeezy, and more.

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