Despite crafting a sleeper success with his 2010 debut Flockaveli, Waka Flocka Flame suffered a set back last year when his anticipated sophomore effort Triple F Life: Friends, Fans & Family failed to make a critical or commercial splash. Now, in a recent interview with MTV, the Brick Squad 1017 rapper discussed his plans for his next album.

Flocka said that he plans on releasing Flockaveli Part 2 sometime in 2013, and reveals that he’s already secured appearances from Timbaland and Wyclef Jean for it. As for the album’s sound, however, the Atlanta-based rapper said that Flockaveli Part 2 would be more or less of a blend of the sounds of his two previous efforts.

“I want to drop [Flockaveli Part 2] now,” he said. “I’ma put a mixtape out February 5, DuFlocka Rant Part 2, and from there I might drop summer, spring. I don’t know. My album done, it’s done. I mastered it and everything. It’s done…I just got out the studio, Timbaland; walked in – I ain’t have to call for that. That’s something I was gonna grab…I got a record with Wyclef, they can look out for that. It’s called ‘Abu Dhabi.’ It’s crazy.”

He added, “Like Jay-Z said, ‘You like my last album? Go buy it.’ If you want that old sound, go buy my last album, straight up. This third one, I’m gonna mix both of them together. It’s Flockaveli Part 2, 2013. That’s just how I’m standing.”

Check out the full interview below.

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