Yesterday Chicago legend Common called Tony Sculfield & The Morning Riot to discuss some of the recent news out of his hometown. Common, whose new movie LUV hit theaters yesterday, had some advice for fellow Chicagoan Chief Keef, and also gives his view on how to rebuild the communities within the city that have been plagued with gun violence.

Common was straightforward when asked about Chief Keef’s current legal troubles. “Right now it’s about making choices,” he said. “Am I gonna go do this, which is gonna turn out to be good for me and I can get all of the things I want in life if I make these good choices… or let my influences be like well I’ma do this and get in some trouble and not think about the consequences.”

The veteran emcee offered his support to the rising star Keef, whose recent legal troubles have threatened his young career. “I hope he continues to grow and gets his lessons… I’m here to support him.”

Common spoke of the need for more people to reach out to the younger generation in order to deter them from the path they’re on.

“We definitely need characters that care and can come back to the shorties and say we’re gonna give you the love you need. Not just saying you shouldn’t be on the streets, but saying if you have a dream we’re going to help you get to that dream.”

Check out the full interview below

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