Producer Pharrell Williams may still be putting in work behind the boards, but the multi-talented music man is still very much a part of his Billionaire Boys Club urban apparel line. While speaking with MTV News, Pharrell shared his plans for next winter’s BBC line which will serve as a fashionable ode to the American farmer.

According to Pharrell, the theme for the next BBC winter line will be “Wealth Farm” and will focus on the farmlands.

“One of the things that we’re doing for next winter with BBC is the wealth farm,” Pharrell revealed in a video posted on “Just because the farm life is a very important part of American tapestry, but it’s often overlooked and easily discounted. We always say wealth is of the heart and the mind and not of the pocket, we sorta wanted to bring that back to the farmlands and the various people who are responsible for keeping us alive food-wise.” 

On top of his steady contributions to the music world and his work with BBC, Pharrell still managed to find time late last year to release his book, Places And Spaces I’ve Been which he also spoke about during his chat with MTV.

“It was a tough decision because I’ve worked with so many people,” Pharrell explained. “I mean, at the end of the day we sort of just elected to go with what made the most sense. And certainly Karl Lagerfeld was very instrumental and we were allowed to put his photo of him wearing BBC in the book. A lot of great favors were given to me and I’m very thankful.”

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