The beef between both Pusha T and Lil Wayne was again brought up during a recent interview between Pusha and DJ Whoo Kid, as the Virginia rapper touched on the origins of the two’s indifferences.

While speaking on his on-again, off-again feud with the Young Money rapper and also the Ludacris-led diss record “What They Mad At” , Pusha clarified that his diss records at Weezy weren’t released to create any kind of hype. Instead, he explained that the songs he put out were more so a result of him being reactive.

“You gotta remember the position that I’m in,” said Pusha T. “These guys have way more fans than I got. They got tons of fans and so when you make a blanket statement like, ‘Fuck Pusha T,’ – I can’t let things like that just go. And I can’t just let those type of things slide. I’m not gonna be petty. I don’t wanna get in a talking match with these people. If it’s about rap then let’s rap. That’s why I just rap about it. It ain’t nothing to me…I’m petty and I’m spiteful. There’s nothing worse than a person who is petty and spiteful. I’m both! I can admit that to myself.” 

Atlanta rap sensation Trinidad James was also brought up during Pusha T’s talk with DJ Whoo Kid and the G.O.O.D. Music emcee shared that he wouldn’t be opposed to working with the rapper in some way.

“I mean listen man; he got a hot record right now. At the end of the day I love that record man. I be in the club and I see the reaction on it and it’s awesome. He definitely knows how to put together a hit record. I’m not opposed to that at all,” Pusha T revealed.

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