Even though Christmas was earlier this week, it was Meek Mill and Cassidy’s on-wax tit-for-tat that made the most headlines in Hip Hop. Now, in a recent interview with Power 99 via RapRadar, Meek’s longtime collaborator Jahlil Beats speaks on his role in the Philadelphia emcees’ beef.

Jahlil explained that he was surprised that Meek and Cassidy’s feud has reached to this point, as he and the “I’maHustla” rhymer were expected to collaborate at some point. Still, Jahlil said he believes the competition between the two artists is healthy for Hip Hop, provided it stays on wax.

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“It’s kinda crazy because 13, 14 weeks ago, [Meek and I] were at the 40/40 [Club] and everything was cool [with Cassidy],” he recalled. “Actually, that was my first time ever meeting Cass, he was showing major love. We were actually supposed to work on some stuff, but it’s all a competitive thing. I feel like it’s a good thing for Hip Hop, whether Cass is fine [with it] or not. But you know, Cass threw the first two jabs on wax, then Meek dropped his bomb. It’s good for Hip Hop at the end of the day, and I hope it doesn’t go past staying on wax.”

Apart from his work with Meek Mill, however, Jahlil Beats revealed that he’s been recording music with Jay-Z. Although the Roc Nation producer couldn’t confirm where their work together would end up, he did say that he knows Hov is currently working on the sequel to his and Kanye West’sWatch the Throne.

“I’m actually working with Jay[-Z] right now,” he revealed. “I can’t really say what [the collaboration is for], but…I don’t even know, honestly. It could land on Watch the Throne 2 – I know he’s working on that, though.”  

Listen to the full interview below.

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