In the closing days of 2012, HipHopDX spoke to several artists to ask them about the year, and what it meant for them. One of the first artists we spoke to was Inglewood, California’s Thurz. The U-N-I co-founder reflected, “Career wise, this year, probably the best moment for me was being being casted as a rapper on Parenthood on NBC. That was like my first time on network television. Making an appearance, and being on a show that millions of people watch, and you know, getting great feedback from that. That was probably like a very memorable moment out of 2012 for me.”

Thurz, who last year released the DX-acclaimed L.A. Riot, elaborated on the network experience. “Man walking on the set, you know, they treat all the actors very well and they tend to whatever you need and make sure you’re good. So just being on set, I felt like a normal part of the cast. They took care of me. I just got to be natural and perform in my element. I definitely enjoy acting. In my video for ‘Are You Not Entertained,’ I was doing a little acting so, I definitely want to get more involved in that. And I’ve been writing some stuff with some friends, and trying to shoot little different short films. So, that’s on the plate for 2013.”

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