Next month, veteran Wu-Tang Clan emcee Raekwon will release his recently announced EP Lost Jewelry. Now, the Chef has sat down with HipHopNMore to discuss the status of his impending project.

According to Rae, his Lost Jewelry EP is currently still in it early production stages. He continued that the EP will serve as an entrée to his next full length album, which will reportedly be the third installment of his acclaimed Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… series.

“I can’t really be giving you all the ingredients yet, man. That’s like asking to get a banging slice of pizza and you ain’t even let the man go in there and make the pie,” he said. “It’s definitely still in the production phase though, but it’s gonna be raw though. It’s the set-up: it’s me saying, ‘Okay, I’m coming back around the block, big old bag of treats, big dimes and big candies, big Mary Jane pieces for you.’ Just suck on that for a little while before you get that meal you need…the Lost Jewlery [EP] is setting up the album, the album is setting up whatever else I’m getting ready to give y’all in the future.” 

Raekwon also spoke on the possibility of making an appearance on G.O.O.D. Music’s upcoming Cruel Winter album. Although the Staten Island legend didn’t make any promises, he said he would be willing to lend Kanye West and company a verse if ‘Ye required one.

“Kanye and them is my guys,” he said. “You’ll never know [if I will appear on Cruel Winter]. If he was to call me in to do some things, it’s gonna happen. I’m a big fan of the movement, they’ve been doing a lot of great things. When they call a fella like me in, they know what I get ready to do.”

Check out the interview below.

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