On T.I.’s Trouble Man, Andre 3000 spits a verse on the song “Sorry,” apologizing to Big Boi for “fucking up the tour.” During an interview with Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg, Sir Lucious Leftfoot addressed the line on the record, stating that he has no hard feelings about how Three Stacks decided to go his own way and that he’s more focused on his own projects.

“I don’t really get it. Awkward… I don’t get it. He’s apologizing for being awkward at shows? Apologize for turning down a million dollars a night,” he said. “He didn’t want to perform no more, but that’s understandable. I just kept on pushing. Kept on going. To me, the whole thing about the performance thing is, I know fans want to see us do the songs together. But I never stopped touring. I’m on my second solo record.”

Big Boi, who also reveals that Diddy directed the video for “Player’s Ball,” said that he was nothing but supportive of 3K’s bizarre fashion choices, stating that it was part of the group’s aesthetic. “I was supportive. When he first started doing that, I was like, whatever whatever. We both had our own style. But then, when we did things like Chris Rock, he had on a diaper. I was the main supporter.”



As for the elusive Outkast reunion album? “It’s whatever man. If Dre’s ready to do it and I’m not on tour all around the world, let’s go, for sure.”

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