Following a recent performance in Vancouver, Canada, Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame was unsurprisingly treated to an off-the-wall interview courtesy of Canadian interviewer and iamOTHER personality Nardwuar. Joined by fellow rapper Wooh Da Kid, Waka touched on his preference in BBQ sauces, his love for SWV, and even labeled himself the first ever punk rapper.

While speaking on the Brick Squad rappers typically high energy live performances the topic of punk rap was brought up by Nardwuar and Waka didn’t hesitate in taking responsibility for the creation of the genre.

“Punk rap is the genre I created. This is punk rap when you listen to me. Yeah, first punk rapper. Thee first,” Waka revealed in a video posted on  

The interview of course didn’t conclude without a few mentions of the Atlanta artists who helped pave the way for artists now including Sammy Sam, Kilo Ali, and MC Shy D.

“You my nigga for this Kilo Ali right here. This the shit right here. Kilo Ali, that’s when I originally like first moved to Georgia,” said the rapper. “To the SWATS, to Diplomat Drive, Campbellton Road. Kilo Ali was Atlanta. You know what I’m saying? He was the guy to turn the parties up. Back when Freaknik was out. He’s Atlanta man. He’s one of em.”

Waka Flocka Flame is currently on the road for The Friends Fans & Family Tour featuring Wooh Da Kid and Reema Major.

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