Earlier this week, Above The Law co-founder Big Hutch appeared in an interview with Yahoo Music. There, he was asked his opinion of rapper Shyne’s Twitter remarks concerning Kendrick Lamar’s recent good kid, m.A.A.d. city album, which Shyne dismissed as “trash” last week on Twitter and in an interview following. Hutch, who just released an album of his own, The Only Solution, called Shyne’s remarks “cowardly.” Within a day, Shyne had approached the former Ruthless and Death Row Records artist on Twitter, confronting the situation and clarifying his reasoning. 

Today (November 2), Big Hutch responded to the latest story with an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “First, I would like to say I have no beef with Shyne whatsoever. And unlike some of the comments that have been expressed on the HipHopDX post regarding this matter, this is not about because Kendrick Lamar is a West Coast rapper and I’m sticking up for him because Shyne if from the East Coast. Kendrick could of been from any coast and I would of had expressed myself in my interview with Yahoo! Music the same. I was asked to express my opinion regarding three current, hot topics going on in music entertainment, one being about the Kendrick Lamar/Shyne situation, and I expressed how I felt about the matter. Period.” 

“I have much respect for Shyne as being one of the elite players in the game, but don’t bash another potential up and coming elite player…that’s not Hip-Hop. There is a difference between the classic Rap battles, we all know and respect in Hip Hop, and personally bashing someone’s artistic work. Hip Hop is how artists like Kendrick and I eat. So, for all those making all these comments trying to add fuel to the fire, stirring the pot, it’s not about that. If you’re wack you’re wack. If you’re dope, you’re dope. But don’t cloud the next man vision on what is potentially wack or dope.”  

“If you really know Hip Hop and have been rolling with the elite class of real emcees, then you now we don’t do that no matter what coast you’re on. We didn’t do that back in my day, and it shouldn’t be tolerated in Hip Hop now. If we are going to have any unity in Hip Hop, we need to stop all this ‘Twitter Beefing’ and ‘Twitter Banging’…it’s soft. Everyone wants to say how soft R&B is, but you won’t see or hear elite players such as Mariah Carey going in on Twitter about Beyonce and how wack she might think her album is. It’s not something we do if you are a real player in this game. Everyone needs to step back and look at Hip Hop now on a whole. The culture is turning into a bunch of ‘Twitter Beefing’ gossipers who now has the power to say whatever they want to say if you have a keyboard and a computer. Leave all the artist bashing to the real critics and we, as a Hip Hop community united, will rise to our emcees defense like we use to do.”

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