From Gucci Mane to Rick Ross, it looks like Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy isn’t getting much love from his Dirty South peers these days. Now, it looks like Jizzle can add a new name to his list of enemies: Bleu DaVinci.

In a recent video via HipHopWired, the Black Mafia Family affiliate and cohort of Jeezy took the CTE rapper to task. In the song titled “I Got Right”, DaVinci questions Jeezy’s connection to the BMF and says that he embellished his role within the criminal organization.

“Go on and tell ’em what the truth is – you’s a bitch/Turn your house into the feds, now who’s the sntich?” he raps. “I know you think you got the upper hand/Can’t even says a nigga’s name, less than a man/I remember when your ass played the background/Scared to push a bag, tried to give it to Mac-Town/You wanted to be me so bad you started to wear Dickies/And trying to bang, but your weird-ass just looking silly/And I’m the nigga that gave you your affiliation/I’m the nigga that involved you in the precipitation/Now it’s time for the retribution, reciprocation.”

Earlier this year, DaVinci accused Jeezy of turning his back on the organization and refusing to help pay for BMF head Big Meech’s appeal. Check out the full video below.

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