Mac Miller is the latest to take part in Life + Times‘ Decoded series, breaking down his lyrics from the track “PlaneCarBoat.” During an interview with the site, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania explained the second verse from the song, starting out with a joint inspired by Nas.

“You can taste the wind ridin’ in the foreign with the titties out / Shit a million out, you just chillin’ at your bitch’s house / She on prescriptions trippin’ itchin’ for a different dick to mount / I’m givin’ out some dick to mouth resuscitation (breathe bitch),” he raps on the cut.

“If you guys remember that famous Nas line ‘Don’t say my car’s topless, say the titties is out,’ you know, top down on a car, titties out, so you can taste the wind,” he explained.

He also touched on the line, “Release my thesis, a piece on demons who spoke of love Openly cope with emotion, only the strong survive Along with my personified dog and my bionic eyes.” “It’s kind of like a fantasy imagination-type world that’s in my head. Like Family Guy, the personified dog Brian, my sidekick is a talking dog and my bionic eyes, it’s a fantasy world so you can say whatever you want. I can have bionic eyes, I guess.”

Check the full interview below.

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