Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based Hip Hop group The Wrecking Crew just released their first full-length project, Wu-Tang Pulp. The free effort by DXnext alum emcee/producer Has-Lo, emcee/producer Zilla Rocca and emcee Curly Castro is an homage to the Wu-Tang Clan, with the trio reconfiguring the production and verses to selected cuts from the ’90s icons’ catalog.

Zilla wrote of Wu-Tang Pulp, What started as a simple idea in 2009 has formed into a completely flushed out re-imagining of the most iconic collective in Hip Hop history. Wu-Tang Pulp is an album shaped from the hearts and minds of three die-hard killa bee fanatics who spared no details in paying the ultimate homage to their heroes. Tackling records from RZA, Ghostface, Method Man, etc. is no easy task when you grew up with 36 Chambers in your Walkman, drawing the “W” on your high school composition books, and rocking Tommy Hilfiger tees in the summer because Raekwon said so.”

Last year, Doomtree member Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy gained some mainstream notoriety for his Wu-Tang Clan mash-up with band Fugazi,13 Chambers (as Wugazi).

You can stream the project below. It also available for download at the group’s Bandcamp.

Wrecking Crew Presents Wu-Tang Pulp by wreckingcrew215

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