Two of St. Louis’ biggest names faced off Saturday. Nelly filed a complaint with TWA after having run-ins with the pilot and a flight attendant on a trip from St. Louis to Denver.

The St. Louis native claims that the flight attendant serving him in first class refused to give him a pillow, so he went to find one himself. But when he got up, the pilot reportedly ordered him back to his seat and threatened to have him arrested if he didn’t. Nelly eventually received two pillows, but police officers were waiting for him when the plane arrived in Denver. When Nelly attempted to He said he tried to get the pilot’s name, the officers told him to leave the gate or he would be arrested.

“The way it escalated was a result of me being a black man,” Nelly told the Associated Press.

A spokesman for TWA, which is based in St. Louis, denied Nelly’s report and said a witness would back up the airline’s version. There was no word on whether Vanna White was sitting next to Nelly in first class.