According to the Recording Industry Association of America, Beanie Sigel has one gold album to his credit—his 2000 debut, The Truth. Additionally, Beans has made visits to the Billboard magazine Hot 100 singles chart as a soloist and a member of the now-defunct Roc-a-fella family. But in the latest of his series of Man To Man interviews with Hip-Hop Summit Action Network chairman and co-founder Benjamin Chavis, Beanie emphasized his album tracks as opposed to singles designed to cater to radio and drive sales. In particular, he singled out a song entitled “The Children Are The Future,” as well as past offerings such as “Dear Self” “Nothing Like It,” “Feel It In The Air” and “Mom Praying.”

“It’s basically me talking to myself,” Beanie explained. “Just checking myself, like wait a minute. Let me assess myself. What am I doing? I make those type of records…that’s the type of records and songs that I want people to remember me by.”

Beans also talked about his upcoming two-year prison sentence for a failure to pay previous taxes. Sigel must report by September 12, 2012.

“At one point, I was scared,” Beans added. “But I ain’t scared to say I’m scared. I took a time out from the music, and just wanted to be normal again…just with the family and everything. I asked myself a lot about the music I do—the music that means something to me that I record—is a thing a lot of people don’t get when they listen to me.”

The full interview, which also features Chavis’ thoughts on how Beanie Sigel fits into the current Hip Hop scene and what he calls “strong winds blowing trying to take the United States backwards,” can be seen below.

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