Hit-Boy most recently released his new single “Jay-Z Interview,” but he’s got another cut on the way. During an interview with MTV News, the G.O.O.D. Music producer revealed that he has a single titled “Old School Caddy” waiting in the wings, and that the Kid CuDi-featuring song was inspired by Outkast’s Aquemini.

Aquemini is one of my favorite albums by OutKast. I wanted to do a record that felt like it could’ve been on there but for our generation,” he said. “I did the record and I let Cudi hear it, and he asked to be a part of it, so it was just an organic, great thing.”

He also said that he doesn’t plan on releasing a full-length project anytime soon. While he revealed that he laid down verses for the G.O.O.D. Music compilation Cruel Summer, he wouldn’t confirm if he actually made the final LP.

“I’m just making music with them, so stuff will end up where it is supposed to,” he said. “That’s family and they’re the best in the world in my opinion, so I can’t lose. Being able to get advice from those guys is priceless.”  

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