The debate about who has the best verse on “Mercy” has been one had by many. Recently, Pusha T was asked what his take was on the matter. In the interview, Pusha explained that he feels he had the “most intricate lines” on “Mercy,” adding that he has seen people spaz out for 2 Chainz and his verse. The VA emcee also shared that he has been learning from Kanye West, The-Dream and others. 

“I really feel like I had the more intricate lines in ‘Mercy.’ It was my Rap thing. That was my style of Rap,” he shared to Hot 97. “In performing it and watching it in the club or whatever, I’ve watched people spaz, totally spaz [to 2 Chainz’s verse]. But just for what I like doing, it’s all me.”

The Clipse emcee also shared that he has been learning from other producers while working on his solo work. 

“When it’s Kanye time, Dream time or Swizz or Pharrell, you really gotta sit there, listen, study and think about what you’re doing because these guys are craftsmen. Seriously. You’re always learning stuff.” 

For more from the interview, check the clip below. 

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