He runs his own label, hocks luxury liquors and even occasionally raps, but now it looks like Jay-Z has a new job to add to his resume. In a recent report from the New York Post, it was revealed that Hova will be the new director of the Brooklyn Nets’s Barclay Arena.

The news came about when Forest City Ratner Cos., the company developing the arena, filed for a liquor license with documents naming Shawn Carter as one of the arena’s seven directors. The newly announced position will find the Brooklyn emcee attending board meetings as well as directing aspects of the sports center’s daily upkeep.

Although the heads behind the Barclays Arena did not comment on what Jay-Z’s specific duties will be, he has already aided the stadium with certain aesthetic elements. In addition to overseeing the recent re-design of the Nets’s logo and jerseys, he additionally helped furnish the arena’s 11 luxury box seats, dubbed “The Vaults.”

Despite his major public presence, Jay owns a minority share of the team, with Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov holding 80% of the team’s shares.

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