Jay-Z recently unveiled the stark black-and-white logo for the Brooklyn Nets that he himself designed. During an interview with MTV News at his press conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Hov explained his creation, stating that he wanted to make something “classic” 

“I wanted to make it really classic and strong, a throwback to Brooklyn and what we’re about. It’s real gritty and we’re not about flash — well, sometimes. Just the roots of Brooklyn as this very bold, strong, simple logo,” he said. “It was really a take off the old subway signs, if you look at the old subway signs they were in black and white. It was that strong, beautiful, iconic black and white. I wanted to pick something that would stand the test of time and be here forever.”

Jay-Z was in the City of Brotherly Love to announce his two-day Budweiser “Made in America” festival, which he is both curating and headlining.

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