Prodigy and Havoc previously had a deal with G-Unit Records, a partnership that yielded 2006’s Blood Money. During an interview with Vlad TV, Prodigy explained his current relationship with 50 Cent and the imprint, assuring that their relationship is still intact but that they decided to take advantage of a clause in the contract that allowed them to get out of the deal.

“50, that’s my boy right there. He can’t do no wrong in my eyes. Yeah, the G-Unit deal, when I got locked up, we had an option to do another album with G-Unit. Actually, they had another option to do an album with us. So when I got locked up, 50 had changed distributors for G-Unit, his label, and he was looking for a new distribution deal,” he said. “So during that time, he was making those distribution changes, there was a clause in our contract that says if a certain amount of time, the label doesn’t have distribution, the contract is dead.”

Prodigy says that they jumped at the opportunity to get out of the deal and go independent, which would gain him the respect of his peers and fans. He says that there were discussions to bring Mobb Deep back to the label, but feels that the current situation is a better opportunity,

“That’s what actually took place, but 50 came to see me when I was locked up, and he expressed to me that he wanted to do another deal. He was interested in doing another Mobb Deep album, so when I got home, we sat down and had that conversation with him. We decided to just try to get this distribution deal set, because at the time in the game right now, it just felt like that’s what we needed to do, if we wanted to have the respect of our peers and the respect of the fans. If we wanted certain things to go a certain way, we just needed to have our own company and run our own company. So we decided to take advantage of that clause in the contract and just go our separate ways. But we still cool with G-Unit.”

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