Currently, Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond is being accused of a multi-million dollar drug operation and this week, his relationship with Wyclef was brought into the case. While Rosemond has managed many careers including Game’s, he has also been connected to Wyclef in other ways. Last year, Rosemond and Wyclef organized a concert for a future Haitian president. Wyclef also relied on some assistance from Rosemond when he decided to run for office in Haiti. 

According to AllHipHop, the ties between Rosemond and Wyclef came to light when Rosemond met with authorities regarding a Cooperation Agreement. During his time, Rosemond admitted to having most of his money from drug dealings. He also admitted to laundering money and giving Wyclef a $60,000 loan with drug money, though he noted Wyclef did not know where the money came from. 

Still, the government was alerted about their relationship when Rosemond got $800,000 in checks from various companies Wyclef was associated with. He also admitted to selling cocaine to Wyclef’s driver. 

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Ultimately, after finding that Rosemond had a cell phone in his prison cell, the cooperation agreement was not given to him. According to reports, he was communicating with his brother, a fugitive from the case at the time. 

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