It’s been a big week for Chief Keef. First Kanye West remixes the young rapper’s song “I Don’t Like.” Now, Birdman says he’s trying to sign the 16-year-old.

“I like him, he kinda reminds me of us,” said Birdman in an interview with MTV News. “[He’s] out the streets, I think he’s swagged up and I’m definitely talking to his people and I’d like to see if we can make it pop, see if I can see if I can get him to be down with the team.”

Birdman continued to explain his interest in signing Keef. “That’s what I like, it’s a movement and he’s young, I think the game needs young blood all the time,” he said. “[We] need youngsters to keep it innovative, because they’re new and creative in their own way. I’m into the young world, that’s my thing. And I’ma do whatever it takes to make it happen.”

Watch the interview below:

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