DJ Khaled and Just Blaze recently hit the studio to work on the former’s upcoming album Kiss the Ring.

In a clip of the two working in the lab, Khaled explains to JB how he wants to create something that will stand out on the radio and that he wants to “hurt somebody when I play it.”

“The joint I do with you, we gotta go back to that… Shut everything down when you play something on the radio, you can’t play nothing after that. That’s the shit me and you gotta do. That’s the vibe coming back anyway. It’s needed, and people want it. I just need that ‘uh’ from it. I wanna hurt somebody when I play it. I don’t want no rules, no regulations. So when I play it, I want to be confident like this is the one. And he can’t say nothing because it is the one.”

Watch the clip below.

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