After numerous delays and setbacks, the Ruff Ryders’ First Lady Eve is back.

In a recent interview with, E-V-E revealed that new music was coming from her very soon. “I’m gonna throw out a…single at the end of this month,” said the pit bull in a skirt. “Before the official single, before the radio single. And I’m probably gonna throw out a couple…before the radio single.”

“I think my whole goal for this record, because it’s been so long, I wanted to make sure that my core audience didn’t feel like Eve just completely forgot about them, and went over to another side,” she added.

“Musically, I definitely…I haven’t changed, but I’ve grown,” explained Eve. “I’ve definitely grown. I feel like people will…recognize the stuff they loved [from] me before – all the Ruff Ryders, the hard lyrics. And that’s my core, that’s where I come from, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t [forget about] that. But then, I wanted to make sure I did tracks that show my ear, because I have been traveling for so long. Musically, I love a lot of different kinds of music.”

Watch the interview below:


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