Charles Hamilton has released a diss song towards J. Cole.

Sonic the Hamilton accuses Cole of turning his back on his past, calling him an “ugly ass nigga” and taking credit for setting up his deal at Roc Nation, even after badmouthing his boss Jay-Z.

“I remember when I met you, you was dissin’ Jay / Shit bothered me anyway / It’s not that I didn’t like him, I just heard rumors / And I heard you was my junior / Throwin’ up the Roc sign / I assumed that you knew what it meant / Apparently, you didn’t / Nigga you was fishin, barely was livin’ / And I’m the one who put you in your new position / Just remember, nigga.”

He also implies that Cole never wrote any of his original rhymes. He also backtracks on his previous statements that Cole was one of the most talented emcees. “Every residual check belongs to me / Nigga this is a check, do a song with me / And this time, write it / You ain’t the nicest, nigga I was just excited.”

Listen to the diss track below.