In a recent interview with, ScHoolboy Q began by introducing himself to prospective fans.

“ScHoolboy Q is a nigga from L.A. that wanna get high, do music, and raise his daughter.”

But just as he explained who he is, Q also discussed who he’s not. “I’m [not] a weed rapper,” responded Q. “I don’t just talk about weed. That’s why I didn’t do any weed songs on this new project.”

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Naturally, the subject shifted from weed to one of Hip Hop’s most notorious weed smokers, Snoop Dogg. “I gotta get a song with that nigga. …Snoop…can I get a song? DPG, my nigga. I just want a verse.”

ScHoolboy Q also provided contact information for fans. “[Go to] I got all the latest videos on there. You can check me out at PornTube, Oh, you could give them my Twitter. [@]schoolboyq.”

Watch the interview below:

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