Not to exclude Devin the Dude, Redman, Method Man and B-Real of Cypress Hill, but few other Hip Hop artists have expressed their love of that sticky-icky more often than Snoop Dogg. Now, the Doggfather is passing his torch as High Times Magazine’s Stoner of the Year on to none other than Wiz Khalifa.

While at a cover shoot for High Times’s upcoming issue, Snoopy D-O-G-G took the time to officially nominate his Mac and Devin Go to High School co-star for the magazine’s prestigious Stoner of the Year Award 2011. According to the Long Beach legend, no other stoner has better represented weed culture in ’11 than the Pittsburgh emcee.

“It gives my great honor and pleasure, being on the fact that I have won the Stoner of the Year Award before and that I am on the board of stoners, for me to take time right now to say my recommendation, slash, nomination for Stoner of the Year 2011 is none other than Pittsburgh’s finest – yes sir, Mr. Wiz Khalifa,” he explained. “That’s a prestigious award, to have that on your mantel…who better [than Wiz to receive it?] He smoked everywhere he went. He did it high, he did it low. He did it underwater, he did it overseas. He did it everywhere he went. He’s the uncut champion. He’s the Stoner of the Year, man, and this is coming from me, Snoop Dogg.”

The Stoner of the Year 2011 will be crowned at this year’s Medical Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles on February 11 and 12. 

Check out the full interview below, courtesy of HipHopWired.

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