Diddy recently paid a visit to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” speaking on his run-ins with the late Whitney Houston throughout his career. During the discussion, he said that he managed to get himself onto the guest list for her wedding to Bobby Brown, and that in the years that followed, she always made a point to talk with him when they would bump into one another.

“I actually when I was growing up in the music industry before I had success, I somehow got on a wedding invitation so I was at her wedding, but I didn’t really know her but it was the hottest thing in town in the music industry,” he said. “But I didn’t crash the party, somehow. I was a hustler, I got my name on there, me plus one. I went there and I was just like, oh my God, I’m at Whitney Houston’s wedding. I was a big Bobby Brown fan. Throughout the years, I got to meet her. She was so full of life, full of joy. She always made you feel like she noticed you and recognized you and spoke to you. And she will definitely, truly be missed.”

Watch the interview below.

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