The Roots’ bandleader ?uestlove recently took a break from deejaying during a party at the Sundance Film Festival a few weeks ago, revealing that he’s working on a secret project with Jay-Z. Though he didn’t go into details, he said that he took a break from working with Hov to hit up his 40/40 Club in New York City, New York, and that the fruits of their labor will be revealed in the forthcoming weeks.

“Basically, Jay’s a friend. I went there and it was hectic,” he said. “He and I are actually working on a secret project, so I was kind of taking a break from working with him and he was just like, ‘Come by the opening.’ So I came. So we’re doing something real big in the next few weeks.”

He also noted that Jay keeps on pressuring him to hand over an iPod for Blue Ivy Carter‘s nursery, a promise he made in a magazine article several months ago. Quest said that he still plans to hand over the fully-stocked device in order to give BIC a musical foundation.

“He’s absolutely elated and in cloud nine. And he’s waiting for his iPod. Yes, I’ll give you your iPod. I kind of promised to him in my Rolling Stone article that I would have this nursery iPod. Not nursery songs, but I figure I kind of said, by the time your daughter’s three, she’s going to know who Frank Zappa is and Captain Beefheart and LL Cool J and John Coltrane. All you do is put this in her nursery and play it 24/7 and it’s just going to baptize her in music. So ever since I said that seven months ago, he’s been like, ‘Where’s my iPod? Where’s my iPod? Where’s my iPod?’ That’s going to be my contribution. I’m going to mold her musical mind.”

Watch the full interview below ( via HHNM).

UPDATE: ?uestlove has clarified quotes from an earlier interview, stating that he was referring to the benefit concerts that Jay-Z performed at Carnegie Hall. “RT: THERE IS NO JAY Z PROJECT. That “Project” is from an OLD INTERVIEW. I was speaking of Carnegie Hall Show. Its the 4th time I’ve said this but I’m getting more & more blog links saying the opposite lol. RT this please!” he wrote.

RT: THERE IS NO JAY Z PROJECT. That “Project” is from an OLD INTERVIEW. I was speaking of Carnegie Hall Show. Its …
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