Over the past year and a half, Ohio up-and-comer Machine Gun Kelly has been making a splash in the world of Hip Hop, scoring a deal with Diddy’s Bad Boy imprint and a hit single with Waka Flocka Flame. Now, MGK gets his latest honor covering the upcoming issue of Inked Magazine.

In the same issue of the tattoo-theme mag, MGK opens up about his ink and the first tattoo he ever got. He explained that when he was younger, his dad gave him the option of getting either a tattoo or a car for his 16th birthday, so to anger his pops, he opted to get his forearm inked up.

“When I was little, my dad said, ‘Son, you have a choice on your 16th birthday—to either get a car or a tattoo,’” he said. “I knew he was testing me, so I said tattoo to piss him off…I told [the artist] I wanted it on my forearm. They said that if they put it on my forearm it would be tough for me to get a job. I told them I would be a famous rapper someday, so I won’t need a job.”



Check out the full interview over at Inked to read about MGK’s turbulent family life and high school life.

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